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Products & Services

Utronic Trading's practice is to supply tailor made solutions to every one of our customers, as there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to IT requirements and needs.

With our range of products and services we are able to offer you a professional comprehensive IT service solution designed to suit your personal requirements, ensuring that you optimise your IT requirements as well as ensuring that we provide you with the best value for money on all our products and services and keeping within your personal budget.

Our Services

  • Small to Medium Information Technology Business Solutions
  • FSB IT Infrastructure Compliance Support Services
  • Networking support
  • Remote Monitoring & Support
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Data Security
  • Fibre Connectivity Solutions
Our Solutions

  • Backup Solutions - onsite and offsite
  • Software Solutions
    • Microsoft
    • Antivirus & SPAM Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions & Support 
    • Computer & Laptop Sales, Maintenance & Repairs
    • Printer Sales & Repairs
    • Ink Cartridge & Toner Sales 

Small to Medium Business Solutions

Utronic Trading understand that all Businesses at some point require personalised IT support and that it is not necessary to have an advanced in-house IT department to benefit from dedicated IT advice and support. Through our tailor-made Maintenance agreements and Service Level agreements which are either comprehensive or on a scaled basis we provide Businesses with the advanced support without the extreme cost. Our agreements are made to suit the customer thus being either long term or on a short-term basis for smaller projects.

FSB IT Infrastructure Compliance Support Services

Utronic Trading offer specialised support services to the Financial Sector especially Financial Brokers. With the stringent FSB IT Compliance requirements, Utronic Trading work hand in hand with the support personal to ensure all Technology Compliance requirements are met and secure for full compliance. Once compliance has been secured Utronic Trading offer solutions for ongoing maintenance and support. 

Networking support
Every business is unique, thus every network within a business is unique. Utronic Trading dedicated team provide a network solution that will suit each customer's unique requirements. Once the Network has been designed and implemented the after sales support will ensure that your every need is covered.

Remote Monitoring & Support

As not every business is limited to only one office and with the new age of mobile technology fast approaching it is important to value the need for remote access to systems. Utronic Trading skilled technicians can assist your business to link up remotely with other branches or just providing you with a link from your business office to your home office.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions

Having remote access to your network is also becoming a necessity with many companies. With the delays on the road to reaching the office on time many companies are making use of VPN solutions to receive more productive hours from their staff members that are on the road.
A VPN is a virtual private network that makes use of the internet to connect users or out of town sites to their main business network. Utronic Trading have vast experience on VPN Solutions and offer this as a secure option to connect users and remote offices to the main network.

Fibre Connectivity Solutions

Utronic Trading offer a unique service offering assisting small business owners and Individuals the service of complete Fibre and Wifi setup and connectivity to all devices required.  

Backup Solutions

The Backup of a business’s infrastructure and information is a vital component and necessity for every business as the major cost in disaster recovery is downtime. Utronic Trading pride ourselves to offering the best Backup Solutions to suit your personal needs. The solutions range from doing the actual backup support on site as part of an SLA or to providing a Backup solution for an offsite backup at your offices.

Software Solutions

Utronic Trading as part of a needs analysis for each specific customer will assess the software need of a business and provide expert advice on what is the best package for the requirement.

  • Microsoft
Utronic Trading is a certified Microsoft supplier, and will provide the best advice as to which Microsoft package will best suit your personal needs.

  • Antivirus & SPAM Solutions

Utronic Trading understand the vital importance of protecting your hardware and information from Viruses and strongly recommend the use of approved Antivirus & SPAM packages which are kept up to date. Utronic Trading offer a Virus cleaning solution should your PC have a virus and then will recommend the best Antivirus solution to suit your personal requirements and personal budget.

With a record of 100% Virus Cleaning solution, we will endeavour to solve your PC virus problems.

Hardware Solutions and Support

Utronic Trading's key business is the supplying of full hardware infrastructure for both established business and for new business. Our Hardware support can form part of a SLA or on a call out basis, which ever supports your requirements.
These include but are not limited to:

  • Computer and Laptop sales, maintenance and repairs
  • Printer and Fax sales and repairs
  • Generic, Remanufactured & Original Ink Cartridge and Toner Sales

Remanufactured cartridges not only save you money, they also have an impact on your Carbon Footprint, helping the environment.
Remanufactured cartridges help the environment by:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint per cartridge
  • Reduction of approximately 2.5kg of CO2 emission
  • Reduction of +- 3 litres crude oil

Recycle your cartridges and make a difference to your country.  Email us to find out more information.